Marta Bertolasso

- Since 1st of February 2022: Full Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science and Human Development – Department of Science & Technology for Sustainable Development and One Health

2019: Expanded Reason Award 3rd Edition – Research Category, by University Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid, Spain) for “Philosophy of Cancer – A Dynamic and Relational View” (2016) Springer Series in “History, Philosophy and Theory of the Life Sciences”, 18.
1991: Philips National competition for “Young Researchers” with a study on “Experimental verification of the initial events in germination”. Fellowships (in Philosophy of Science)
• 24th – 31st March 2019: Visiting Scholar at the Department of History and Philosophy of
Science, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Ref. Sandra Mitchell.
• 26th August - 3rd September 2018: Visiting at Konrad Lorenz Institute (KLI) for Evolution and
Cognition Research, Klosterneuburg, Vienna, Austria.
• 6th – 9th May 2015: Visiting at Egenis (Centre Of Studies of Life Sciences), University of
Exeter (UK). Ref. John Dupré.
• April 2013 - May 2014: Visiting Fellow at the Centre of Biomedical Humanities of the
Department of Experimental Oncology of IEO, University of Milan. Ref. Giovanni Boniolo
• September – December 2012: Visiting Fellow – Center for Philosophy of Science, Pittsburgh
• 28th February – 9th May 2011: Visiting Scholar at the Department of History and Philosophy
of Science, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Ref. Sandra D. Mitchell.
• 10th – 21st January 2011: Visiting Scholar stay at the IHPST (Intitut d’Histoire et de
Philosophie des Science et des Techniques), Paris, France. Ref. Jean Gayon.

Scientific Experience:
• 1994-1996: INT (National Tumor Institute), Milan in the department of molecular biology with a project on the gene expression and localization of c-ERB2 in the ovarian cancer
• 1997 (2nd June ‘97 – 1st June ‘98): obtained a Regional Grant (funded by ASL1 of Turin) for a project on “Genetic molecular alterations and malignity in primary breast cancers”, at the department of anatomical pathology, San Giovanni Vecchio Hospital, Turin (Italy)
• 1998-1999 (1st January ‘98 – 31st May ‘99): IRCC (International Research Centre for Cancer), Candiolo, Turin, Regional Grant (funded by G. Ghirotti Foundation) for a project on “Development of a non-radioactive protein truncation test: applications in the clinical area for the analysis of mutated genes involved in familiar syndromes and sporadic cancers”
• 2008-2010: Grant from UCBM for a research project at the Institute of Philosophy of the Scientific and Technological Practice at University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome on Philosophy of Cancer and Cancer Research’.
• Since 2008, after having experienced in first hand some bio-medical research (see above), I have been developing my philosophical training, skills and academic CV in research, teaching and tutoring, and research group promotion and coordination at academic level,
in contact with the national and international scientific and academic environments (both Anglo-Saxon and Latin, Spanish speaking communities).