Université du Québéc à Montréal, Department of PhilosophyJean Guy Meunier is a full Professor in the Department of Philosophy in the University du Québec in Montréal (UQAM). His teaching is mainly in the programs of cognitive informatics, philosophy and semiotics. He is director of the Laboratoire d’analyse de l’information (LANCI). He also is associated to the Institut des Sciences cognitives de l’UQAM and member of the International Academy of philosophy of Science. In 2006, he has received the Full Career Award of the Canadian Digital Humanities Society.He has been a pioneer in the field of computer assisted reading and analysis of text (CARAT) since 1968. He has published more than a hundred academic articles that range from philosophy to computer science, computational linguistics to digital humanities. His research is now done under important grants of The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.