Fenrong Liu

 Fenrong Liu, Changjiang Distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University, Amsterdam-China Logic Visiting Chair at the University of Amsterdam, Co-Director of the Tsinghua - UvA Joint Research Centre for Logic. Her research areas include preference logic, social epistemic logic, game logics, and the history of logic in China. She has published extensively on these topics, notably, Reasoning about Preference Dynamics (Springer 2011) and Social Epistemic Logic (Tsinghua University Press 2023). She is currently editing a Handbook of the Logical Thought in China. She is an editor-in-chief of the book series of Studia Logica Library: Logic in Asia, an associate editor of Studia Logica and Studies in Logic, and an editorial board member of Synthese, Theoria, Topoi, History of Humanities, and other international journals.


Website: https://fenrong.net/