Professor of Philosophy and History, City University of New York at the CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College CUNY. Director of Graduate Studies, Philosophy Department, Queens College, CUNY. Numerary Member of the Academie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences and of the Institute de Hautes Sciences Theoriques, Brussels. Doctor Honoris Causa, Universdad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos and Universidad Peruana Ricardo Palma, Lima. Honorary Professor, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru.Former Chairman of the Philosophy Panel of the Research Foundation, CUNY; former Chairman of the Columbia University Seminar on the History & Philosophy of Science. Former University Director of the Library, Publications and Museums of Cayetano Heredia University (Lima-Peru). Former Chairman of the Department of Physics & Mathematics and Honorary Director of the Program for Scientific Thought, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Peru..Fields: Philosophy of science and the philosophical history of science; scientific realism, foundations of physics, contemporary naturalism.